Be the Breakroom Hero.

Providing access to healthy and delicious snacks or beverages is an easy way to promote a positive environment. AJ Vending’s combo vending machine can do just that!
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Core Benefits

  • Can Vend a Variety of Snack
    or Drink Options
  • Vandal Proof Flap Doors
  • Guaranteed Delivery Sensor
  • Keep up Productivity with Easy Access

Machine Features

  • Beautiful Eye Catching Graphics
  • Large Capacity
  • User Friendly
  • Nayax Credit Card Reader Accepts
    Mobile Payments, Swipe & Chip Cards
More Features
A healthy combo vending machine features an array of snacks
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Improve Workplace Quality & Health

Our combo vending machines provide healthy snacks and drinks for busy employees that need a boost of energy...or forgot their breakfast at home!

Interested in brightening up your breakroom? Reach out to us today for more information or answers to your questions.